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The Four Things No One Is Going To Tell You About Using Indoor Citrus Trees For Your Home

Indoor citrus trees can be fun to have around the house. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to tell you what you need to know. Some will let you make the mistakes to learn on your own. I am not going to let that happen. Below you will four facts you will have to learn if you want to incorporate indoor citrus trees into your home decor.


Poor drainage is going to kill them. The water has to flow to the bottom(of the pot) and out. A wet bottom means death is on the way.

Water cannot stand for more than 12 hours or you have problems.


One common form of death for plants is overwatering. Citrus trees are no different. It is even more imperative you do not overwater Lemon Trees.


Here comes the double-edged sword. Citrus trees also hate being dry. I know. It sounds like a double standard, but it is true. It is sort like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. The portage ends up being too hot, then too cold. They finally get it just right somewhere in the middle. That is what you need to do. Anyone who has questions about the right mixture and amount of water can Google that online.


One thing you can do is invest in a moisture meter. It will keep track of everything for you. The meter will let you know when it is too much or too little.

One final note to add:

Citrus trees love nitrogen and dislike cold water. Try lukewarm to get good results.