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These Three Citrus Varieties Are Easy To Grow Indoors



These Three Citrus Varieties Are Easy To Grow Indoors


When it comes to growing your own food, there is nothing like the satisfaction of seeing your garden grow. However, many people don't have the space to grow large plants like citrus trees. If you fall into this category, you will be happy to find some varieties of Lemon Trees that can be grown on your back patio or in a sunny spot inside of your home. Let's learn more!


Dwarf Blood Orange


This evergreen citrus tree can be easily managed indoors. With its rounded top and spreading growth, this variety will not become too tall for your home. When in bloom, the Dwarf Blood Orange produces a fragrant odor that is very pleasing. The fruits are easy to peel and are very sweet! It has a dark-colored flesh that is rich in nutrients and super tasty.


Washington Navel Orange


One of the most popular indoor citrus varieties, the Washington Navel Orange, is perfect for the home. It will not take up a lot of space because of its rounded top. The blooms of the plant are not only beautiful but also fragrant. It produces sweet, seedless fruit with a tangy flavor. Great for juicing or eating right off the tree, you can't go wrong with the Washington Navel Orange.


Sunburst Tangerine


Oranges are not the only citrus fruit you can grow indoors. The Sunburst Tangerine is an adorable medium-sized fruit that kids love! This citrus tree is easy to maintain and can be planted in a large pot. They do well in a sunny spot in the home and thrive when given direct sun on the patio. This variety of citrus is both sweet and juicy.


If you would like to grow delicious citrus fruit at home, why not give these varieties a try? They will not only provide you with a healthy snack, but they will also fill the air with amazing aromas!