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Citrus Trees For your Home


Grow Lemon, Lime, and Orange Trees Right In Your Livingroom

There is something exotic about growing fruit trees in your home. Dwarf citrus trees are very manageable in containers. Most only grow to be around five to seven feet tall. They require a lot of sunlight, however. So, if your home is not sunny, they will need additional lighting. Citrus trees are particular about the amount of water that they need. They prefer that their soil is moist at all times, but not wet. Stick your finger two inches deep to determine if the tree needs water.

Lemon, Lime, and Orange

When considering what type of lemon tree to grow, consider the Meyer Lemon Trees. They are a self-pollinating tree and do not need high temperatures to produce ripened fruit. If you are interested in a lime tree, consider Key Lime or Kaffir. Both of the lime trees come in a drawf variety and yield an acceptable amount of fruit. As for the orange tree, many types will be suitable for indoors but consider the Calamondin trees. They produce a sour tasting fruit, which makes for perfect indoor growing.

Care For Indoor Trees

Citrus trees love a humid environment. The best way to do this in the home is to spritz the trees with water daily. Placing them next to a humidifier will work too. They prefer a loamy, slightly acidic soil. Also when watering, use lukewarm water. During the summer months, placing the trees on an outdoor patio in the yard to get some fresh air and plenty of sunlight.